Stand Up, Stand Out

The UNAVSA-15 Leadership Conference will be hosted at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel on August 2 – 5, 2018, in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Join us as we focus on ways we can stand up and stand out as leaders of the North American Vietnamese community. Please continue to visit our site and follow our social media channels for updates.

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Back in Atlanta

Nine years ago, Atlanta hosted the UNAVSA-6 Leadership Conference. This coming summer, join us back in Atlanta for the 15th Annual Leadership Conference at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel. The hotel sits downtown where there are many exciting places to explore, delicious foods to eat, and new memories to be made.

The Sheraton Atlanta Hotel

The Sheraton Atlanta Hotel is the location of UNAVSA’s 15th Annual Leadership Conference.

The Latest From Staff

Meeting Huy Duong

Huy Duong is familiar with the VSA life: he started off with his own VSA as an undergraduate at the University of California, Davis, then went on to establish UVSA Northern California and become the president. Today, he is one of UNAVSA’s long-standing sponsors and...

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Meet your UNAVSA-14 Emcees!

Each year, UNAVSA features two members who can inspire antsy new attendees, spark energy in morning crowds, address social issues and current events with both levity and profoundness. This year’s UNAVSA conference emcees Linda Tran and Mitchell Nguyen will take...

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