Visionary Scholarship

Previous Recipients

UNAVSA-15 (2018)

Anthony Nguyen (Northern California)
Austin Le (Northern California)
Dana Tran (Northwest)
Jenifer Nguyen (Southeast)
Jennifer Tran (Eastern Canada)
Paul Thuan Tieu (Eastern Canada)

UNAVSA-14 (2017)

Dan Ly (Northwest)
Khiem Hoang
(Eastern Canada)
Martha Do (Southeast)
Phong Le (Southeast)
Stefanie Nguyen (Southwest)
Vy Hoang (South)

UNAVSA-13 (2016)

Stephanie Choi (Mid-Atlantic)
Chantel Luu (Western Canada)
Timmy Miles (Southwest)
Michelle Nguyen
(Eastern Canada)
Nancy Quan (Midwest)
Thuy Tran (Southwest)

UNAVSA-12 (2015)

Vuong Nguyen (Mid-Atlantic)
Jennifer Nguyen (Mid-Atlantic)
Natalie Doan-Dunnum
John Nguyen (Eastern Canada)
Kevin Le (Southwest)
Wesley Tran (Southwest)
Royce Le (Northwest)
Kat Phan (Northern California)

UNAVSA-11 (2014)

An Ho (Mid-Atlantic)
Celestine Pham
(Northern California)
James Timperley
(Western Canada)
Michelle Tran

UNAVSA-10 (2013)

Anna Nguyen (South)
Joseph Dang (Midwest)
Thu-Mai Nguyen (South)
Thanh-Thanh Pham (Gulf Coast)

UNAVSA-9 (2012)

April Nguyen
(Northern California)
Frank Huynh (Mid-Atlantic)
James Bui (Northern California)
Kavi Vu (Southeast)
Tony Tran (Northern California)

UNAVSA-8 (2010)

Kim Bui
Andrew Dinh
(Northern California)

To learn more about the winning submissions, click here. To read more from our scholarship recipients, see our conference recaps (UNAVSA-14, UNAVSA-12) and general reflections.