Vicky Mai

U16 Executive Director


Vicky Mai is a Vancouver-born University of British Columbia alumnus with a Bachelor of Science in Biology focusing on Animal Physiology and Biomechanics and a Minor in Applied Animal Biology. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy at her alma mater. During her undergraduate years, she served two terms as President and one term as Alumni Advisor for UBC VSS, executing its first and now annual culture show on campus, and also began her three-year term as Western Canada Representative for UNAVSA. She currently sits on UNAVSA’s President’s Council with a vision of inspiring the growth of an official regional UVSA for Western Canada. Vicky attended UNAVSA-13 and UNAVSA-14 as a staff member and took on the role of Hospitality Director for UNAVSA-15. She also attended NW VSA’s 2016 Leadership Camp as Logistics/Hospitality staff. Beyond VSA, she oversees and mentors cadets as a Deputy Divisional Superintendent in the St. John Ambulance Tri-Cities Youth Brigade. Vicky’s other passions include cooking, reading, and exploring all the restaurants and cafes in the city.