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Each year, UNAVSA features two members who can inspire antsy new attendees, spark energy in morning crowds, address social issues and current events with both levity and profoundness. This year’s UNAVSA conference emcees Linda Tran and Mitchell Nguyen will take on the task of leaving a lasting impression as the faces of the conference.

Linda Tran

is a 23 year-old from Morgan City, Louisiana! She graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor’s degree in biological science and a minor in fine arts. Her hobbies include breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and she also enjoy painting and taking film photos. She is a lover of sweets, things that smell good, and likes to believe she is an especially gifted napper. “As emcee of UNAVSA conference, I hope to share my optimism, my quirkiness, and my tips on catching mardi gras beads (without the flashing, of course). I also hope I can bring everyone at conference together by empowering and encouraging each other to be the best Vietnamese leaders so we can lead on and pass down our service to the community and to the future generations!”  

Mitchell Nguyen

is a Louisiana State University alumnus with a bachelor in general business. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA, Mitchell found his VSA roots with the VSA at Louisiana State University, but he has since held various leadership positions within the Gulf Coast and UNAVSA. Mitchell currently serves as UNAVSA’s CPP Campaign Director alongside his position of UVSA Gulf Coast Internal Vice President. In his spare time, he enjoys searching for the next Instagram worthy wall, binge watching reality TV shows, and feasting on Popeyes.     We’re looking forward to seeing you onstage, Linda and Mitchell!