Not able to register for a spot at UNAVSA-14? Just wait, there is still a chance! The UNAVSA-14 Marketing Committee has reserved registration spots for FIVE individuals to be selected as winners in our #TakeMeToUNAVSA14 social media contest! Don’t feel locked out of your chance to attend UNAVSA-14! This is your time to “Unlock the Present,” and attend conference in New Orleans this summer! All you need to do is the following: 1) upload a photo of the individual you are nominating (could be yourself!), 2) write a short blurb about why this individual should be “taken” to UNAVSA-14, 3) upload it to your Facebook or Instagram! The rules to participate are below:

Rules & Submission Guidelines

  1. Head to the UNAVSA Facebook and Instagram handle and follow UNAVSA
  2. You MUST include the hashtags #TakeMeToUNAVSA14 and #UNAVSA14 to your post to be entered into the contest. You can also tag the      UNAVSA Facebook page or Instagram handle for extra visibility!
  3. You can totally upload your entry on either Instagram or Facebook. Both is fine as well.
  4. Your Facebook and Instagram posting settings to MUST be on PUBLIC in order for us to see your entry.
  5. You may nominate as many people as you like. The same person may be nominated by more than one person.
  6. If you’re already registered and are randomly chosen as a winner, you may be refunded.

Contest winners will be selected at random. Nomination must follow rules and submission guidelines to be eligible to enter. #TakeMeToUNAVSA14 will remain open until Wednesday, June 7, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Winners will be announced the following week after the contest ends. For further questions or concerns, please send inquiries to: conference.marketing@unavsa.org