Conference Registration FAQ

Frequently asked questions about registering for UNAVSA-14
How do I get on the waitlist?

The waitlist is now closed. We know how excited everyone was to register for our event, however there were limited spots. Do not fret, there are still opportunities to attend conference such as the Scholarships, signing up to be a performer, or volunteering to be a Family Leader. Please continue to follow our social media channels to find other opportunities to engage with us.

How do I indicate who I want to roommate with?

If you would like to room with your friends, purchase the appropriate hotel room (double, triple, or quad) and share one room ID among your roommates. In order to room together, you all must have the same room ID. To view your room ID, log into your account on, then under ‘UNAVSA-14’, go straight to step 3. There you will see your hotel code option box after you have purchase hotel in step 4. Replace your room ID with your friend’s room ID and click on ‘Update’. Your room ID will update and your friend’s names should now appear in the “roommates” box. The last day to update your room ID is June 6th. After this deadline, you will not be able to make any additional changes to your roommate selection. Note that to be in the same room, you MUST all have paid for the same size of hotel room.

If you purchased a shared room, but not all of the room spots are filled (ex. purchased a quad but only 2 people are listed under the room ID) UNAVSA will complete the room through roommate matching.

How does pre/post conference hotel registration work?

UNAVSA-14 Conference will also have the conference hotel rates available for attendees who are interested in staying at the Westin New Orleans at Canal Place Hotel a day before and/or after conference. Attendees who wish to stay before July 20 or after July 23rd will be responsible for booking out an entire room and splitting the payment among themselves. Pre/Post Conference rooms are available at $166.96 for one entire night stay per room

Please note that you must complete conference hotel registration payment in Step 4 prior to adding pre/post conference hotel rooms. A second payment screen will appear giving you the option to pay for additional rooms before/after conference.


No, you are not required to. However, UNAVSA has secured a discounted rate for guests booking rooms through us. Attendees are highly encouraged to book their stay at the Westin New Orleans at Canal Place Hotel throughout the weekend of conference to ensure an unforgettable experience at UNAVSA-14.

What consitutes UNAVSA Alumni Status?

UNAVSA Alumni are any former officially recognized members of any Office of the organization. More generally, alumni are any past officially recognized officer, director, representative, coordinator, committee member, or similar since the organization’s founding for at least one year and/or term. In the organization’s early years, official records and documentation no longer exist to identify many of these individuals. As such, recognizable alumni such as the former Officers and Directors can provide oral or written verification. Spreadsheets listing staff for certain projects may also be used as proof of alumni status. In recent years, individuals from all Offices of UNAVSA are required to submit applications and go through a documented approval process which determines the legitimacy of any spreadsheet or confirmation thereof. UNAVSA Alumni are not defined by any other criteria such as age, gender, ethnicity, or educational background.


Honorary Alumni are defined as long time supporters and sponsors of the organization. Recommendations for Honorary Alumni can be proposed by any member of any Office of UNAVSA or UNAVSA Alumni and approved by the Board of Directors.

I registered as a regular attendee already, can I still switch to alumni registration?

Yes, if alumni registration is still available, please register online at From there, registration staff can issue you a refund for your regular registration and your spot will be given to the next person on the waitlist.

I keep getting an error message, what should I do?

Please send details of your situation to, and we will be happy to look into the situation!