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Visionary Scholars: Past, Present, and Future

The Visionary Scholarship is an all-expenses paid opportunity for a first time attendee at UNAVSA’s annual leadership conference. The project is sponsored by Huy Duong, and this scholarship offers rising and current leaders in their respective VSAs a chance to meet...

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A Spotlight on UNAVSA’s Culture Show

For the past few years, each annual UNAVSA Leadership Conference has included a culture show performance, which entails of a play interwoven with performances from members of the UNAVSA community. Previous shows have focused on bridging the gap between generations of...

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Meet the Family!: UNAVSA’s Family Program

Behind the scenes, members of the family programming committee work almost an entire year in advance to plan bonding activities, coordinate family games, and mentor family leaders. We spoke to both family programming team members, as well as family leaders, from past and present UNAVSA conferences to get greater insight on how they’ve helped shape one of the most memorable aspects of conference.

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Meet your UNAVSA-14 Directors!

Conference directors are some of the busiest people before, during and after UNAVSA-14. From executing the website to gala to workshops (and beyond!), these dedicated staff members spearhead the campaigns that give the conference life. This year’s directors are:...

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