Alumni Donor Fund

Opportunities for UNAVSA alumni

Dear UNAVSA Alumni,

We would like to invite you to join us in celebrating 15 wonderful years of service at the 15th Annual UNAVSA Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Alumni understand the financial struggles students face finding money to pay for their registration, hotel, and airfare. As such, we ask for your help in contributing to our Alumni Donor Fund to create scholarships for attendees to join us at conference. We hope you will join hands with other alumni in helping our younger siblings attend a conference that has helped shape our lives for the better. Your contributions will allow us to award several scholarships valued at up to $100 to students. Beyond donating to conference attendees, alumni can also donate towards UNAVSA’s year round functions. Alumni have the option to choose whether their donation specifically goes towards UNAVSA year-round functions or scholarships for attendees to our annual leadership conference. For Alumni who would like to attend conference, we also welcome you with opportunities listed below.

Scholarship Seeking Students,

Interested in receiving a scholarship to help fund your expenses for UNAVSA-15? Log into your conference registration account and answer the Alumni Scholarship Application Question for your chance to win up to $100 for UNAVSA-15 through our alumni sponsorship!

What Constitutes UNAVSA Alumni STatus?



UNAVSA Alumni are any former officially recognized members of any Office of the organization. More generally, alumni are any past officially recognized officer, director, representative, coordinator, committee member, or similar since the organization’s founding for at least one year and/or terms. In the organization’s early years, official records and documentation no longer exist to identify many of these individuals. As such, recognizable alumni such as the former Officers and Directors can provide oral or written verification. Spreadsheets listing staff for certain projects may also be used as proof of alumni status. In recent years, individuals from all Offices of UNAVSA are required to submit applications and go through a documented approval process which determines the legitimacy of any spreadsheet or confirmation thereof. UNAVSA Alumni are not defined by any other criteria such as age, gender, ethnicity, or educational background.


Honorary Alumni

Honorary Alumni are defined as long time supporters and sponsors of the organization. Recommendations for Honorary Alumni can be proposed by any member of any Office of UNAVSA or UNAVSA Alumni and approved by the Board of Directors.

Alumni Registration Options

Standard Alum: $100* and includes standard attendee amenities plus exclusive alumni benefits (see Exclusive Alumni Benefits section). Registration spots will be on a first come, first registered basis.

Standard Alum with Gala: $170* and includes Standard Alum amenities plus 1 VIP seat at our Gala Dinner on Saturday, July 22, 2017. Registration spots will be on a first come, first registered basis.

Sponsoring Alum: All Sponsorships are tax deductible, and donating alumni will be thanked in the conference program booklet, UNAVSA’s Annual Report, and recognized at Gala. Upon receiving your donation, we will send you a special code to use on our registration site which will bypass payment. If you would like to sponsor but are unable to attend, your sponsorship will go toward UNAVSA year-round functions and/or scholarships for attendees . We will mail you a photo of our attendees which you helped bring to conference, a program book, t-shirt and gift receipt.

For those interested in donating $250 or more, you may contact  for additional sponsorship options. All donors will be recognized at conference no matter the amount.

*Prices are before taxes and fees.

Alumni Exclusive Benefits

Exclusive Alumni Benefits include access to the following:

  • VIP Seating at Culture Show on Friday evening, July 21, 2017
  • Alumni Only Dessert Buffet during Friday lunch, July 21, 2017 with this year’s Alumni Scholarship Recipients  (pending interest and availability)
  • Alumni Mixer on Saturday afternoon, July 22, 2017
  • For Standard Alum with Gala Option: VIP Seat at our Gala on Saturday evening, July 22, 2017*

*Only for Standard Alum with Gala Option


Interested in Donating to the Alumni Donor Fund?

Donate here using PayPal or send us a check!
Please specify in the PayPal or check notes how much of the donation you would like to go towards:

  1. Alumni conference scholarships for attendees
  2. UNAVSA year-round functions (e.g. staff retreats, administrative costs to uphold technology platforms, grants provided to regional partners/VSAs, etc.)
  3. If it is not specified, by default all donations will go towards the UNAVSA-14 Alumni conference scholarships this year.

Please address checks to:
Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA)
340 South Lemon Ave. #8246
Walnut, CA 91789

Any Questions?

Please read the Conference Registration FAQ. For any additional alumni-related questions or concerns, please email